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I’ve met alot of fellow Blackhawk fans and 90% of us are very knowledgeable on the game but I just met the first Hawks fan who is oblivious about hockey and simple rules. There’s a few in every fandom am I right? -_-

Anonymous asked: how can you even put your support behind a dirty player like lucic just


Because he’s on my team and as long as he’s not seriously injuring anyone or getting suspended I want him to do whatever the hell it takes to fuck shit up out there. I absolutely love it when people talk shit about how dirty he is, it makes me love him even more.

He’s a fuckin train on the ice and a big ol’ softie off of it. I will love Milan Lucic with all of my heart til the day I die.


the more people hate on lucic, the more i love him

Anonymous asked: I respectfully disagree. I think 3 games is way too long. Seabs didnt leave his feet and Backed ducked his head when Seabs hit him. Suspension, absolutely. But 3 games? Wayyy too much.


Hey look, the Blackhawks are my life okay

This is the playoffs and Duncs had got worse for less I consider 3 games pretty lenient honestly 

It was bad from both ends but man everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and a lot of people see it differently

I love this team but I saw the hit, he left his feet and even then he didn’t have to hit Backes. He could’ve skated by him and avoided it completely and Backes wouldn’t be hurt. 3 Games is enough for Seabass and I hope to never see him do it again. I’d expect it out of Orpik but not one of our guys.

Anonymous asked: lol you really must be blinded by your bias because milan lucic is a disgrace to the NHL.


well anon i do wear glasses but sick burn



Somewhere in Neverland by All Time Low.


Somewhere in Neverland by All Time Low.

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